Map of the Domain Nyons Saint-Rimbert

Plan du Domaine
Position des villas et des équipements dans le Domaine

The Domaine Nyons Saint-Rimbert welcomes you in a 3 hectares park, landscaped with lawns, orchards (olive, cherry, apricot, pear, …), lavender, acacias, poplars, cypress and a multitude of other species you will discover by browsing the aisles !

The park stretches about 200 meters from east to west and also 200 meters from north to south.

The three villas are well separated from each other, each with a private terrace. But the distances are short: less than 100 meters to go from one villa to another, or to join the central commun room (summer kitchen).

  • Villa Lavande is located west of the park, near the swimming pool.
  • Villa Tilleul is on the edge of the Domaine, east of the park, close to the mini golf and petanque.
  • Villa Acacias, also located on the east of the park, faces tennis under large acacia trees.